Continuous Sales Leads from a One-Time Fee
Continuous Sales Leads from a One-Time Fee

Boomja’s Lead Generation Directories are massive organizations of browsable static search destinations coordinated to generate continuous top level organic search results and continuous sales leads from highly targeted audiences – from a one-time fee.

Boomja’s Directories improve your ad conversions by improving search for your customers and prospects. Hand selected content and keywords are organized and optimized across thousands of specific search destination pages to give search engines many more opportunities to connect your prospects with information as well as your brand when and where they are most likely to buy or take action.

Continuous Leads from Highly Competitive Local and Theme-Based Keywords

Join One of the Internet’s Fastest Growing
Search Marketing Networks

Boomja’s ability to optimize thousands of even the most competitive keywords and phrases across thousands of localized and/or uniquely purposed search destination pages gives your brand thousands of opportunities to rank at the top of countless search engine results pages.

« Generate continuous leads from local prospects in
targeted cities and towns – where your prospects are
most likely to buy.

« Create specific search destinations that match all the
ways people search for and think about thousands of

« Hundreds of thousands 1st page local search results

« Hundreds of thousands 1st page results for highly competitive theme-based keywords

« Hundreds of thousands of subject categories

« Hundreds of thousands of linkbacks

« Hundreds of thousands of articles and items indexed

Report and Analysis Tools

Track and manage search marketing and customer acquisition performance using Boomja’s suite of reports and analysis tools.

Generate Continuous Sales Leads through the Boomja Network Today

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